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So, you have decided to join the Internet by a web site and now you have the difficult task of choosing who is going to guide you through. It is difficult because a lot of web design companies are out there offering a good work.

Here are some of the best criteria that will help you to choose a web design company for your business:

Personal Care:

Don't choose a huge company that doesn't know your business from any other. Choose a small company that can take care of your site. NissR Design will work with you personally through every phase of your project.


Choose a company that can do it all for you, design, development, graphics, translation, hosting, and publication. It will understand your taste and your ideas and do it all to match your needs. NissR Design has a good number of expert teams in these domains and will drive you from the real space to the virtual space very smoothly.


Never choose the lowest price in the market. NissR Design is not trying to give the lowest prices but we care about the best quality/price.

Technical Accuracy and Search Engines:

Choose a company that can make your site efficient for your business. Once your site has been submitted to search engines, they will index it so that someone can search on any text in your site and find you. Search engine placement is key to your web site's success. The ranking of your site in these search engines depends all on its programming and its layout. NissR Design distributes the information on your pages and programs them to get the highest possible search engines ranking. We are building web sites all the day; we are up on the latest technology.


It is not a secret that creating web pages has become easier with the modern HTML editors. With a little effort, virtually anyone can throw together a web page. But your web site is your company's image to the world. The quality of your web site should reflect the quality of your company. You want the best; we can offer the best optimized and well designed web sites.

Visual Appeal:

Your site will have 15" (standard monitor size) and 15 seconds (average download time) to make a good first impression and to have your guest taking a seat and start surfing your site. If you read this sentence, this means that we succeeded with you, let us make you succeed with your customer.

Accessible Technology:

Because of varying computer and browser capabilities, not every feature can be accessed by everyone. For that reason, we generally implement new technology only after it has been in the public domain for a while. Also, complex graphics can be painfully slow to download for the average user. We generally design for the middle ground. Our goal is for your site to be seen and used by the largest number of people.

Availability and Time to Market:

Time is passing and your competitors are already there, the market will not wait you. NissR Design has Designers, Graphic Artists and Programmers available to discuss every detail of your web page. We will also subcontract with Graphic Artists and Programmers if we find that your site requires more specialized services and/or intensive effort to meet your schedule.


We are not saying that we are the best web design company in the world, but we offer a very good quality and we have the needed teams of experts in this domain. We can work with you personally. We do it all from A to Z.

What distinguishes us from others is that we offer you a guaranteed satisfaction.

If you need one more reason to choose us, we are based in Montreal, the heart of Multimedia. You have our address, our phone and Fax. We are not an unknown company with a web site and an anonymous email.

We will be glad to answer your questions about our web design, search engine optimization, translation, and hosting services.

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